Who We Are

Fleenor Paper & Packaging is a supplier of moving equipment and packing material. We carry a full array of professional equipment and supplies for all your moving, warehouse and trucking needs. We also carry a full supply of retail style packing material and supplies for packing and shipping outlets, self-storage facilities and box stores. Fleenor Paper & Packaging boasts distribution centers in Alaska, Hawaii, Washington and California; all locations are equipped with box delivery trucks running daily routes servicing many of our self storage and mailbox/shipping center customers. The products we inventory include materials made by Fleenor’s manufacturing facilities, as well as products from other suppliers.

Industries We Serve

Here are some of the industries Fleenor Paper & Packaging serves:

Moving & Storage
Food Service

Our Mission

At Fleenor Paper & Packaging, we strive to be more than just another supplier; we are continuously looking for new innovative products to better serve your needs. From designing a new product to customizing an existing one, feel confident that we will work to meet and exceed your expectations. We are committed to finding the packaging solution for you. We stand behind our products.

Consider Fleenor Paper & Packaging not only for our superior quality and innovation, but also for what really sets us apart — our people.

Our History

The Beginning

Fleenor Paper Company was established in 1962 by LeRoy Fleenor. Working as a typesetter and printer for a local newspaper company, he noticed a salvaging opportunity to utilize “waste paper” thrown into dumpsters daily. LeRoy created a homemade sheeter he pieced together with plywood, old pipes, a discarded motor, even his wife’s old carving knife. Reminiscent of other entrepreneurs, the business started in his garage where he used this sheeter to convert scrap paper into sheeted newsprint. Soon he sold his first pallet to Macy’s Movers, founding Fleenor Paper Company. By the late 1970s, LeRoy had acquired and constructed several machines to service the moving and storage, printing and packaging industries throughout Northern California.

The Next Generation

In the early 1980s, LeRoy sold his business to his son, Bill Fleenor and his wife, Janine Rochex. The couple soon introduced siblings Rebecca Fleenor and John Rochex to the family business. The four of them grew the company, relocated to a larger facility in Oakland, CA and opened distribution warehouses in Hawaii and Alaska. Today these warehouses provide a full range of packaging materials made by Fleenor’s manufacturing facilities, as well as products from other suppliers.

By the early 2000s, Rebecca Fleenor and John Rochex took over as sole proprietors of Fleenor Paper Company. In 2010 we brought in the next generation of Fleenor, LeRoy’s grandson, Russell Rolland and John’s daughter Corina Rochex. Together we look forward to continuing the tradition of the family run business.

Continued Growth

With the support of our customers, suppliers, and employees, Fleenor Paper & Packaging has been fortunate to grow its business over the years. In 2015, Fleenor Paper & Packaging became an independent entity, allowing us to continue to provide the products and services we currently offer, but on a more personal level. We are always looking for ways to improve our customer experience by providing the latest integrated technologies, inventory tracking capabilities and we have expanded our fleet of trucks to better serve your needs. Fleenor believes in the importance of investing in the communities we serve. In 2018, we had the honor of breaking ground on a new warehouse in Hawaii. With this new building and improvements to our other locations in Alaska, Washington, and California we reaffirm our commitment to being the best we can be today and tomorrow.

Our Future

The owners honor and emulate the entrepreneurial roots of LeRoy Fleenor. Most of the managerial staff has been with our company for more than twenty years and are key contributors to our success and growth. We take pride in our devoted employees; their loyalty and hard work speak volumes to our company’s vision and values. We are committed to our vision, to our customers and the industries we serve. We look forward to the next generation who will lead us into the future by following in the footsteps of their predecessors!

Russell Rolland
Leroy Fleenor’s Grandson
Vice President

Corina Rochex
John Rochex’s daughter
Vice President of Business Operations